Our Services

  • Community Yoga

    In a world of stress and hypertension, every individual needs to destress, especially the employed class of people. Mr.Raaj delivers destressing programs for a day or two at Corporate offices which brings back the bounce in people preparing them with zest for the life ahead.

  • Yoga at your homes

    Individuals who are hard pressed for time and are unable to travel to a yoga centre can benefit from yoga asanas right at their homes. We visit homes and teach asanas to suit the requirements of individuals at their convenient time. The asanas are done in the living room or also in their garden amidst greenery.

  • Yoga in Educational Institutions


    Children are full of life and have so much to give. Raaj visits schools in Bangalore and teaches the little ones yoga asanas. He mentors them over a few weeks and they are ready to perform simple to complex asanas on their Annual day/sports day and Yoga Demonstration. The performance of the children is astounding and makes every school and parent proud.

  • Visual Media


    Raaj Yoga centre performs asanas for the media and is aired on television. Recently Raaj and his group were telecast on Sun TV in Suryavanakkam. The benefits of the asanas which are specific for health issues are explained by Mr.Raaj. Regular practice of yoga improves your strength and flexibility The asanas are simple to follow and can be performed by viewers right in their houses.

  • Teachers training


    Teachers Training program is conducted during weekends for a duration of 50 hours. The trained person is geared up to go out and impart his knowledge on yoga and teach those thirsting for it.

  • Towards making a greener earth

    Tree planting was taken up by Raaj Yoga Centre on the occasion of Independence day. 50 saplings were planted by the students in the campus of Raaj Yoga Centre. The greenery around, boosts the energy of the yoga students. Saplings are also provided to persons who have an objective to plant, maybe at their own homes or any vacant land.

  • Reaching out to tiny hands

    Many educational institutions are in need of yoga in their campuses for their children but it is a dream unfulfilled. Raaj yoga centre fulfils their desires and reaches out to the enthusiastic children by way of teaching yoga and also ensuring that they are trained in team work and harmonious living in the school. Snacks and refreshments at no cost are provided to the kids. Helping hands are needed to reach out to many more schools and their children. Do pitch in and do your bit.

  • Outdoor Trekking


    Weekend treks organised by us to places like Devarayanadurga, Shivagange, Bheemeshwari and many more ...